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A Fractured Fairy Tale By Victoria Fraser

After the Ball, Cinderella has a Very Busy Day.  Having discovered the Prince is Anything But Charming, she leaves home for the City to Find A Lawyer and Sue her Step-Mother for the Return of her Father's Estate.  On the way, she Finds True Love, has her Heart Broken, is a Victim of Mistaken Identity, discovers her True Love is True After All and meets an Unexpected Ally in Her Quest For Justice.  

This book combines and subverts common fairy tales tropes into a story about having the courage to be yourself against societal expectations.  Includes seven full page colour illustrations.  

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Blood Moon Rising: Book One of the Del Chronicles

Madeline, known as Del, born the seventh daughter of the seventh daughter in a powerful mage family was expected to be the first Sorcerer, the most powerful of all mages, born in many generations as part of an ancient prophecy. Instead, Del not only doesn't have any magic, she is an almost unheard of "null" --someone magic can't function around. At four, she is sent to live with a distant cousin, at seven adopted by her best friend's parents when her cousin dies, and at fifteen formally rejected by the mage community.

After a happy childhood with her adopted family-- Master Vampyre Caleb, his human consort Josette and their hybrid daughter Beth--an adult Del now works as a consultant to both the police and the local community dispersing illegal, dangerous or unwanted spells, is formally recognised as her father's Mediator and life is good. But with a blood moon and lunar eclipse predicted for a night sacred to many, a number of purists determined to purge their particular species of 'contamination', a vampyre hybrid who has no idea what he is, the alpha werewolf who was Beth's scorched earth romance at university suddenly on their doorstep after a year of total radio silence and the first indication that the prophecy might be happening even without a Sorcerer to kick start it, Del's life is about to become way more complicated than she could ever have imagined.

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My actor wish list for when the Del Chronicles are made into movies:

Caleb:     Rupert Graves              Josette:     Margaret Colin              First Mage Kolob:     Garret Maggart              Pinny:     Caroline Quentin             

                                                                                                        President of the Mage Council:     Lee Lin Chin

My music wish list:

Main Title:     Original Music composed by The Badpiper               Beth and Nathan's Theme:     Not Strong Enough by Apoloclyptica              

Stand My Ground by Within Temptation                                              We Made A Pact by Hey Rosetta


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