It was a beautiful, clear Morning in the Forest. Bees Hummed among the Flowers, birds Twittered in the Trees, and a Playful Breeze danced through the leaves as Woodland Creatures Scampered about their Daily Business.

Without warning, the sound of running hooves Shattered the Peace. Flushed and panting, for they were Not Built For Speed, the Two Little Pigs burst into the Clearing.

“The Big Bad Wolf is coming! The Big Bad Wolf is coming!” They Clutched at each other for Support, and looked Pleadingly at the Woodland Creatures. “Where can we Hide?”

“Try under That Bush over there,” Mouse recommended, pointing with the Blade of Grass she held in one Paw.

“Oh, thank you!” The Little Pigs made a Concerted Dive for the Bush, and just in time. The last hoof had barely Disappeared before the Big Bad Wolf stomped into the Clearing.

“Where are those Blasted Pigs?” Scowling, he glared around the Clearing, and Every One of the Woodland Creatures suddenly remembered they had Pressing Business Elsewhere. “I know they came This Way and I want my Dinner!”

As the Woodland Creatures melted into the Scenery, Squirrel who was safe in his Tree paused to throw a Half-Eaten Nut at the Big Bad Wolf. It bounced off his head with a Most Satisfactory thud. Of course, it was a Sad Waste of Perfectly Good Food, but Squirrel didn’t begrudge the Sacrifice.

“You’ll never find them, Hairy Legs,” he squeaked and dove into his Hollow.

Big Bad Wolf swore under his breath as he rubbed the Sore Spot where the Nut had hit him, and started his Search. Those Wretched Pigs had to be somewhere Close By, given how badly they’d been Winded when he’d last caught a Glimpse of them.

Absorbed by his Mission, the Big Bad Wolf didn’t hear the Two Humans Arguing at first. When the Voices grew Loud Enough to attract his attention, he craned his neck around the Tree he was Searching Behind and saw Two Women.



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